About Us

WCB Robotics is a robotics company which aims to provide robotic solutions to replace some of the most dangerous jobs. Our key innovations have been in the space of wall climbing robots. There are about 100 billion sq ft of glass facades in the world, and more than 99.9% is cleaned by humans. This is highly risky, especially in places with high wind velocity and heat; which in many cases has resulted in human casualty.

We, at WCB Robotics have spent about 3 years in R&D to come up with ELMO, Extremely Lightweight Mobile Operator. ELMO weights just under 11 kilos which is in sharp contrast to the 100 to 500 kg weight machines that are available in the market. ELMO is also tested in winds up to 80 km/hr.

We are the only company in the world to have built a rope-less façade cleaning robot for exterior facades.  Our robot, ELMO sticks to the glass façade, climbs, and cleans it. Our flagship product, ELMO, the façade cleaning robot has a number of patent pending technologies. We have been granted a patent by USPTO for our suction technology.

Our special suction technology enables very high reliability using contactless suction with the surface. This proprietary suction system also uses only a small amount of electricity enabling battery operated operation. We have also applied for patents on the cleaning system. In total, ELMO has 5 patented/patent pending solutions in it.

We are currently working on deploying our wall climbing technology for cleaning windows of skyscrapers. Our mission is not just to push frontiers of engineering and create game changing technologies but also to solve real human problems and Make Robots for What Humans Shouldn’t Do!