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With the advanced technology invented in WCB Labs, it is easier to clean the glass windows of sky scrapers with 100 % efficiency thereby reducing the risk of human lives; who would otherwise be climbing these. Also, the current robots that exist are either too bulky, or consume a lot of water , or 10 times more expensive !! ELMO nullifies all these attributes thereby making it the World’s most economical and reliable Window cleaning Robot made until now with Patented Aerodynamic seal technology enabling it to work on rough and/or curved surfaces and have minimal effect of surface protrusions, debris or dust. At WCB Robotics, we believe in making world class robots that are robust, light weighted, and are backed up by the patented aerodynamic seal technology that works on rough and/or curved surfaces and has minimal effect of surface protrusions, debris or dust. We have won many accolades in the past for our technology, and strive to improvise a new version with changing times.

If 20th century was all about Computers and Information Technology, 21st is all about AI and Robotics

-Ujjawal Aggarwal- Founder, WCB Robotics



ELMO is designed with high proficient redundant electronics, redundant motor and back up battery. The microcontrollers used are those used in car brakes and elevators to ensure maximum safety. It has full diagnostic control for all electronic systems and comes with Tether option.


With a weight of 9 Kgs / 20 lbs., it is the world’s lightest window cleaning robot made till now. It is made with carbon fiber making it very light. It uses only 1.5 liters of water to clean the surface, which in turn reduces the weight.

saves money

ELMO is one of the cheapest Window cleaning bot made till now with all the unique features. The BOM in our case is very low , which in turn contributes to the overall cost reduction.

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